Tuesday, 12 March 2013

First Post | Question Time

Hi there! So here's my first post (have to say I'm a bit nervous about this whole blog situation). Anyway here you go, just a few questions about myself answered, and a few other random facts thrown in for good measure.



1: My full name is Sophie Helen Ingman.

2: I hate my middle name.

3: I am fifteen years old.

4: I obsess over youtubers and One Direction (oops...).

5: I live in Doncaster (ew).

6: I have one older sister.

7: To be honest this whole blog thing scares me (in a good way).

8: I am in love with Cath Kidston.

9: My favourite books are 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton.

10: I love snuggling up with a film and a hot chocolate.

11: Surfing is my summer passion, sadly though I don't live near the seaside so I can't do it all year round.

12: One of my weirdest habits is that I can't use the same lip product two days in a row.

13: Another weird fact is that I have to buy a a magnet everywhere I go. Museums, new places, new countries etc. (I'm very sad).

14: I steal all my dad's jumpers (I just prefer old baggy ones I guess ha).

15: Summer is my favourite season. 

16: Benefit or Avon has got to be my favourite makeup brand.

17: My all time favourite hair product is definitely the L'Oreal New Studio Matt and Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray Tousled Look. It is amazing and works great on my hair (which is at an awkward length) MUST BUY FOR EVERYONE.

18: I love to bake. Then eat. Always fun.

19: I play the flute.

20: I love everyone that takes their time to read this.


I hope you didn't find this too boring, I will be posting more things to do with my interests. This was a boring but needed-to-be-done post. Sorry. 


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  1. hey, i think us "new bloggers" need to stick together :) xxx


  2. welcome to the blogging world :)
    pop over and say hi sometime, it'd be lovely to chat more.
    laura xx